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"What about the children?"
The Other Side of the Coin
Black Adversity

The other side of the coin is a different, usually opposing, view of a situation. . .

What is Black Adversity?
Adversity is described as: A state of misfortune or affliction. A stroke of  illfortune; a calamitous event. . .Mm mm-Mmmm -- Interesting

Well, good news, its not genetic. Black Adversity is a state of misfortune...a calamitous event. Its fixable. If its not genetic, its not something that is transferred as a result of heredity....Mmmm! Or is it?  It is an hereditary transmission? 

The father of medicine. Imhotep, said: "Man know thyself". Imhotep gave us a command, to know thyself. This is a universal principle. In order to gain mastership over external forces, we must first master the internal self. In order to overcome Black Adversity, we must first identify what it is, before we can correct this disturbance that is in our cosmic force-field, this affliction that is in our cosmic body-temple -- You Must Know Yourself!

Enter the Universe of your MIND and master it! You must enter the universe of your MIND and study it, watch it in silence. Be a scientist and observe yourself. You are the most fascinating creation on the planet. There is no thing or no one more interesting, more beautiful, more creative, nor more loveable.  This does not mean that others are not as interesting as you, just that they are not more interesting. You want to master the external world? You must learn about You! Master You First! You have already been given "Dominion" over everything outside of you.  How will you manage this responsibility if you can't manage yourself?

To overcome adversity one must know one's strengths.  Every ethnic group must know their strengths and characteristics and society must place equal value on those strengths and unique characteristics.  Differences that are demonized or Strengths viewed through tainted hearts, become something to be used for the benefits of other than upliftment, and rather objectify into material resource, instead of the sacred and divine.  

The Education of any people Must begin with the people themselves.  Human-beings have not become altruistic enough to create institutions that glorifies the beauty of all ethnicity; that glorifies their history and their contributions to the world. There are constant battles over resources, which destroys millions of human lives. As a result humanity, is kept backwards and uncivilized, functioning at the level of the lower chakras.  

Black Adversity is based on a calamitous event -- The Great Holocaust, which took place over 500 years ago on all five continents known as: The Atlantic Slave Trade It left what is now identified as: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS) or recognized as: Historical Intergenerational Trauma by another casualty of conquest, the Indigenous Peoples of North America, my ancestors belong to both group.

What is historical trauma?

The Takini people’s eloquent explanation: “Historical trauma is cumulative emotional and psychological wounding over the lifespan and across generations, emanating from massive group trauma.

What is Historical Trauma? The collective emotional and psychological injury both over the life span and across generations, resulting from a cataclysmic history of genocide”.

The effects of historical trauma include unsettled emotional trauma, depression, high mortality rates, high rates of alcohol abuse, significant problems of child abuse and domestic violence. The affect are 1 million African American prisoners of war, held in local, state and federal penitentiary.

“Understanding the experiences of a community is important towards beginning the healing process. Genocide, imprisonment, forced assimilation, and misguided governance has resulted in loss of culture and identity, alcoholism, poverty, and despair”.

We perpetuate stereotypes that negate the wonderfulness of Blacks and other highly melanated people resulting in the melanated people exhibiting a conscious and unconscious self-hatred and judgment of self as not "good enough". 

There is a fall-out from these kinds of devolutionary attitude and lifestyles. The fall-out has a detrimental affect on every aspect of life, not just the melanated people. The reason, the fallout affects everyone is that we are one big ecosystem. We exist in symbiotic relationships with each other. In a positive sense, it is a mutualistic or co-operative relationship. Instead, we developed and support a dysfunctional predatory relationship.  And the hurt of one is the hurt of all. And the honor of one is the honor of all.

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome - WATCH:
Institutional Racism ~ Don't know? Watch this Video:
House of Alkebulan invites you to join us on this Healing Journey of Forgiveness and Redemption.  We offer an opportunity for you to do the healing so that our children are freed from this "stroke of ill-fortune, this state of misfortune" this 'Adversity' thrust upon you and others before you for over 500 years.  Wake up from this dreadful nightmare; Wake up and begin to live the life of infinite possibilities for which you were created!
Why punish the children?
75%  are mothers
Our Greatest Fear. . .