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House of Alkebulan
"mother of humanity"
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"What about the children?"
Put our expertise to work for you. At House of Alkebulan, we are happy to offer classes, workshops or retreats to satisfy the healing needs for our community.
Journey of Forgiveness"Healing the wounds of the past, present and future"
Healing the wounds of the Great Holocaust of people of African descent throughout the Diaspora Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Willie Lynch Syndrome and  the Freedom from Emotional Traumas.
"POW-to-WOP:" Ascension from prisoners of war to women of power
Healing issues of intergenerational traumas such as:
  • sexual violations
  • domestic violence
  • abandonment issues
  • image: the fall from grace
Reclaiming the Goddess
Restoring the iconic images of women of African descent and once again siting on our throne of Power and Redemption
Classes Workshops & Retreats for House of Alkebulan
Black Adversity / White Privilege: The COIN
Some of us are brave ~ We seek the brave of heart and the pure of spirit. Those who are willing to go on this Journey of Forgiveness and Redemption―the concept of the C.O.I.N―Consciously Open to Integrative Nature; is the conscious integration of our divine-sacred self. By living a life which limits our awareness of truth, we deny the Light and allow our shadow self to thrive, while our true nature struggles for survival. The denial of Divine Self is the other side of the COIN in which we consciously oppress our integrative nature. One either lives primarily at the lower chakra level or the upper chakra level. The seven major chakras are meant for the free flowing of energy between all chakra centers, this is a representative model of consciously open to Integrative nature.​
I watched a .30 second youtube video (see below) this morning and started to was of two children playing out a scene of domestic violence. The affect on me was totally unexpected. I am called high functioning, resilient, strong ~ you know the names that means you are able to appear okay even though you have been exposed to stuff that cause others to become emotional and mentally destabilized. One good thing I got the name for my book ~ something like: "I never cried for me"...What do you think, good?

Historical Intergenerational Healing addresses the issue of domestic violence as seen in these video's ~